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Thread: Looking for:

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    Looking for:

    a. Swarovski Z5 3,5 – 18X44 P (BT) scope. For very “little money”.

    b. 6m PPC on BAT action with Krieger double kryo barrel nestled in a Gary Kane thumbhole stock. For very “little money”.

    c. Pair of Leica Geovid 8X42 HD-B’s. For “little money”.

    d. Alan Wood Damascus “Loveless” style hunter. For very “little money”.

    e. 36 tubs* of Hodgdon Varget. For very “little money”. (*Note: Must be able to deliver as lower back U/S.)

    f. Irish Water Spaniel puppy* from working stock. For very little money”. (Note: Must be Landrover trained.)

    Thanks and don’t expect me to bite your hand off!

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    is it the 1st of april again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yorkshire lad View Post
    is it the 1st of april again.
    add me to this one!!, or is "KLENCHFISTED" who is the poster

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    I suspect you may be looking for a very "long time"!

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    Good luck I think your going to need it.
    I'm looking for next weeks winning lottery numbers and think I've got as much chance as you finding your request
    unless you can prove it beyond all reasonable doubt, it wasn't me. If you can prove it then you must be mistaken

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    I have a left handed hammer and screwdriver if you need them.

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    For those who haven’t got it this is simply K’s obtuse way of conveying a certain embarrassment at what to my sensibilities appear somewhat ill-mannered posts occasionally encountered in the Classifieds (Wanted) section. Therefore more a thread to establish if I’m the only member to detect unashamed cupidity in various posts or do I need to dump my 8-Track Cassette and jump on the ‘some well-meaning and generous soul will come good’ bandwagon? And for probably very little money.

    Ps: Of course, should someone have my preferred Swarovski Z5 for no more than 400 I could be tempted but it would need to be in mint condition!

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    I have three (perfectly) Landrover trained Spaniels, will all jump in the back, shake mud and water everywhere, chew seat covers, press noses against the window, etc. Not sure if that's what you are after - they are only trained for a 90 though (have to keep caged in the Disco) so not sure how they'll do with your 110??

    Whilst we're on the look out for a bargain, anyone looking for a new home for their mint condition Rook Rifle? - anything considered as long as it is mint condition and comes with original leather case, turnscrews, oil bottle, cleaning rods and a couple of boxes of unopened original ammo (dies, cases, reloading data would be beneficial). Happy to consider most makes, Holland and Holland, H. Holland, etc. and in any calibre from .297/.250 to 360 No. 5. Cash waiting, will pay up to 300 for the right rifle.

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    Come off it Klenchblaize you know how it works. You have to post a wanted add for a mint condition Z6i and then specify 200.
    Oh and the other thing is that you have only recently joined the site.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    But all I want is a full carton of bugger all for very little money.
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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