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Thread: Building a new high seat

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    Building a new high seat

    Last week we build a new high seat on an existing feeding station. The "low" seat we have over there is a mobile high seat on a trailer and has good use on other locations. Also it was a bit close to the feeding station so we decided to move it higher on the slope. First we build the undercarriage and then we build the high seat itself at our hunting cabin and transported it by trailer. Then we fused them together. Just needs some carpet and its finished. Looking forward to try it out next time.

    During the week apart from work had the chance to cull two roebucks. One of them accompanied by our German "feeder". He is a young lad who does the feeding with mais for us when we are not on our permission. He wants to get his hunting permit later this year so we take him on stalks to learn. It was nice to see him all enthousiastic when i shot the buck. He already heard him coming through the woods so he has far better hearing then me.
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    Good work, looks like a proper job. Thanks for sharing and nice to see you are helping the youngsters.

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    Good looking setup H&H, hope it's successful for you.

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    Hi H&H,

    looks like a very comfortable set up. Looks like it will work well for you.


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    Now that's a great looking hide.

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    Carpet sounds good Ruud. Regards pete

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    Waidmannsheil Ruud!
    The bigger boy looks pretty big for our country.....
    Maybe I should give the new high seat a heck up?

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