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Thread: Word of warning, Grant or renewal information.

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    Word of warning, Grant or renewal information.

    I just thought i'd share my recent experiences-

    Following a recent renewal of both certificates, I was pleased when all my requests were met.
    I then bought another cabinet for additional stowage and asked if the FLO could come back and check the additional stowage. On arrival the FLO introduced himself and a colleague. I showed them the new cabinet and location and it was met with their approval. Great I thought until one officer then cautioned me for making a false declaration on the renewal forms, regarding any medical conditions.
    I was questioned and a statement was taken, clarification was sought for medical conditions from over twenty years ago !
    All I can say is put everything on the form, even completely irrelevant stuff like 'having an in growing toe nail'. (Nothing is irrelevent it would seem)
    I appreciate that the Police need to carry out thorough checks on applicants but having to remember and record everything Iíve ever visited the GP for!
    This is my third renewal for my Firearms licence and Iíve seen the GP several times over the last 15 years for various minor ailments, Just wish Iíd listed them on the form now.
    So, I now have to wait and see if Iím charged with the offence (and my licence is revoked). Or receive a caution and retain my licences.
    So much for doing what I thought was the right thing and requesting an additional inspection. It will be a very nervous few days wait !

    Anyone else had similar experiences ?

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    Crock of sh 1 te, were you neglecting to mention a stay in a locked ward????
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    I would contact BASC if you are a member. There are only certain illnesses that should have a bearing on your fac grant or renewal that you had flu is here nore there.

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    I suggest that it may be advisable for you speak to your shooting organisation, especially as you have mentioned the dreaded caution word. I don't know if you have used this term merely as a means of suggesting a ticking off or if you mean it as a legal caution which is something entirely different and is actually a formal admission of guilt to an accusation. In any case a chat with the firearms department of yourshooting organisation may clarrify a few things.
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    I was told not to mention any medical conditions dating back more than 5 years if it is renewal.

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    I'm no expert in this field, but this sounds both distressing and worrying.

    Are you a member of a shootging organisation that offers help with this sort of thing? If so, I'd contact them at once.
    When you use the word 'caution', do you actually mean a formal caution? If so, the usual advice that as a FAC-holder one reads about cautions is that one should not accept one without first taking well-informed legal advice.
    In any case, I think in your position I would be seeking legal advice from my organisation or if not a member of such, a solicitor experienced in firearms law.

    It makes me wonder a bit about my own application. From memory it was the standard form that asks specifically about epilespy (have you now, or have you ever ever had...?), depression or other mental or nervous disorder treated by a GP, and the general 'do you suffer from any medical condition or disability...'.

    The first two are fairly specific. The third asks in the present tense 'do you suffer from...', which has always to me suggested that completed episodes of illness from the past (other than psych or neuro, of course) are excluded: and if one had raised lipids, asthma, high blood pressure or similar chronic conditions still ongoing, then those are the ones to list.
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    Hmmm,what particular "ailments" did you miss off the form which they got most excited about?

    I realise that is probably a personal question but this is an open forum you raised the thread on.......

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    The form (West Midlands at least) asks the following questions:

    15a Do you suffer from any medical condition or disability including alcohol and drug-related conditions? If Yes give details.
    15b Have you now, or have you ever had epilepsy? If Yes give details.
    15c Have you ever attended your present or a previous General Practitioner (GP) for treatment for depression or any other kind of mental or nervous disorder? If Yes give details.

    This can result in quite a complex list of details, so it's worth keeping copy on file so you can use it at renewal. At my last renewal, however, I simply referred West Mids to my previous renewal form for anything prior to the last issue period and they were happy to accept that.

    A general principle -that when in doubt it's better to include information than to leave it out- still applies.

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    Just pulled this from the BASC website...
    Question 15a
    Medical conditions. The question refers to any such condition but it seems reasonable to
    mention only those which might have some bearing on your fitness to possess firearms. If
    in doubt, put them down. Broadly speaking, if you are fit enough to drive a car on to-day’s
    roads, you are fit enough to handle a gun safely.

    It does indeed seem that the Police could, if they so desired take one to task on this question. I doubt many of us have entered a complete history of medical conditions!!!!

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    In reply to the comments above, Yes it was a Legal caution.
    I have seen the GP for a abscess on my buttock (very painful but relevant ?) and a in growing toe nail, I have also had the Flu !
    It's not what the conditions are more the fact I didn’t disclose them. Mr Gain' and Vipa's comment are exactly right.
    Just put EVERYTHING down, then the FLO can decide what’s relevant or not. None of my conditions are relevant to owning firearms (or so I thought) but it’s the non-disclosure that’s upset them.
    and NO I don't stay in a locked ward ! LOL at least not yet anyway !

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