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Thread: My First Dog ( advice sought)

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    My First Dog ( advice sought)

    I am seeking some advice about my first Dog.
    He/She s’ primary purpose will be for Roe Deer Tracking & also a fair bit of rabbiting
    The qualities I think it will need will be:

    A good tracking “ Nose”
    Quiet/ placid/patient temperament.
    Good/Natural retrieval skill
    Easy to train
    Short Haired:

    Sounds like too much to ask?
    Any constructive advice would be most appreciated, at the moment I’m leaning towards a Crocker/ Lab/GSP/Maybe a pinscher

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    First dog? my advice would be get a training DVD before you get the mutt.. start training from day one - recall etc...

    Have you got a mate that has dog(s) already and knows what he is doing? Be their BEST friend because that will be worth gold..... And the basic training will define what dog you end up with.... do it wrong and you have a monster - do it right and you have an angel. Seen it with two dogs from the same litter....

    Good luck!

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    This to me is an easy choice
    forget about wanting the dog for deer work for a minute and work out which dog will be best for the rabbiting
    you will ruin this dog anyway , that comes with the territory of having a first dog and working it on rabbits
    if you don't then more power to you
    I would go with a cocker dog from a strong working strain
    i find you need a small dog with a big heart and courage to match for a good rabbiting dog
    as cockers naturally hunt with their nose on the floor
    which is why they make the easy transition to tracking
    it may never make a great tracking dog because of the rabbit work but should easily find a fresh shot deer for you and still hav the determination to follow a difficult track with a bit of age if you can tell when it is on the track or off it
    A cocker would be my choice out of your list of dogs and i would also book a few lessons with a reputable trainer so you can get an idea of how to train and get some basic obedience on the go
    The deer work can be started at any point and should not really affect any of the training you will be doing with the trainer
    but the choice is yours

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    thanks for that .. most appreciated and noted.

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    If you go with a cocker you won't go far wrong with a Paul French training DVD to get you started. I know it's focusing on gun dog training it's still a good base for you dog's. (both mine seem to do ok). Cocker Spaniel Training DVDs - Paul French Video

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