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Thread: having a .308 barrel shortened

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    having a .308 barrel shortened

    thinking of dropping the barrel length of my tikka .308.
    unsure how short to go, I know the shorter you go will effect mv but when will it start to affect how it shoots??
    any info on the pro's or the cons will also be of help

    thanks for any replys

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    There are many 18" and 20" barrelled 308's about. You can I believe use a different burn rate powder to help off-set loss of speed. In terms of stalking either 2 lengths Ive mentioned will work.


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    I had my old .308 shortened to 18'', It was one of those rifles that never shot that much talked about 'half inch group' but would put any amount of rounds into an inch to an inch and a half all day long without me really trying. It didn't seem to matter what load or bullet weight, it just kept producing the goods. That was a Sako 75.

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    My 308 is a 20" gun with the original remmy barrel(I got lucky , it's a real shooter ) 2650 fps with a 168g bullet

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    ive just had my sako .308 chopped from 23'' to 21'', not sure if i should of gone a bit more. I cant see any difference really, as i only shoot normally 150-200 yards max.
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    I have a steyr SSG P2 shortened to 18inches. I can get 2665 fps with varget without going over the recommended max. Still very accurate.

    ... with 165gr game king i should have said.

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    Go for it mate.

    No noticeable diferance regarding accuracy on my .308 after chopping it and using 123g Sako Soft points

    Stick a nice Jet Z on the end and youll hopefully have a nicelly balanced rifle
    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    Got an 18" tube on mine and it shoots tidy! 165gr Accubonds over 44.0gr of RL15 or 150gr swift scirocco over 38.0gr of RL10x (be careful with this powder as it is capable of exceeding pressures and always work load up carefully). I have other rifles for longer range applications but this rig is great for high seat or woodland stalking and has claimed numerous pigs in its time.

    .308 is well suited to shortening barrel without losing too much velocity so go for it!

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    that's it all booked in , right down to 18" , and I did ask and was told it will still be well deer legal..

    just got wait to get it back

    thanks guys

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    What model is it. I have a Tikka T3 varmint in .234 with a DM80 end can. I've thought about chopping it down but not sure. I've just ordered the same set up in .308 but would like a shorter barrel than the .243

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