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Thread: foxes and badgers

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    foxes and badgers

    Hi chaps can anyone tell me if foxes will live side by side with badgers use old badger sets or will foxes stay well clear cheers craig

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    They regularly mingle. A fox will feel very safe in a large badger sett although they tend to be in different sections. Foxes are fairly lazy at digging earths and will 99% of the time enlarge a rabbit burry or nick one a badger has abandoned.
    Most of the earths on my shoot are co-habited.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hairlesshunter View Post
    Hi chaps can anyone tell me if foxes will live side by side with badgers use old badger sets or will foxes stay well clear cheers craig
    not seen it very often but I have watched foxes with cubs out above ground in an old badger set with badgers still active in a set apx 30 yards away....

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    Cheers lads very interesting

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    Quite common down this way, foxes bringing up a litter in a sett, usually down one end. Also there are setts with badgers, foxes and rabbits all living together, must be a nightmare for the rabbits!

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    It varies. Sometimes, foxes will give badgers a wide berth. Other times, they will happily co-exist side by side. I once looked through my NV at a strange shape out in a field. When I got the focus adjusted I found I was looking at three foxes and a badger in a close huddle, with their heads down noshing in a recently deposited pile of cattle pellets.

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    Foxes do lay in with badgers,a shoot I had had a large and I do mean large badger set and regularly I would watch them entering and exiting being unable to take a shot worried someone would think I was shooting badgers,

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    Happens a lot around my area too they done seem bothered by each other

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    All I need to know. Cheers lads for all the info

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    Recently got a night vision scope. About 3 weeks ago I squeaked a very old dog fox up to about 80 yards. It was a night when badgers were particularly active. A group of 3 badgers were in front of a hedge that bingo was coming down when he ran out from the side of a ash tree and ragged a badger. He got over its back and shook it like a dog scolding a pup and old brock backed off. I've never seen anything like it and doubt i would have without night vision. A bullet ended his long career but I had assumed a fox would never tackle one. With hindsight he may have thought the squeaks meant the badger had got dinner and looked to take it off him. Just my two penneth chaps

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