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Thread: Do beards help?

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    Do beards help?

    A nice lighthearted thread for a change.

    I am currently growing a beard through a combination of laziness, boredom, lack of time, can't afford a razor etc but I am having trouble justifying it to the missus. The only "good" reason I've managed so far is "the deer will find it harder to spot me" (going on the logic that people wear face masks for camoflauge) but I'm not really sure this carries any weight so I need the members of SD to either back up my outlandish claim with tales of successful bearded hunters or suggest any other good reason for a beard.

    I look forward to the range of replies

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    Do beards help ?
    Positively attracts them, you always see Santa Claus hot on the trail of nine big beasts

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    Upon growing a beard you automatically gain membership of the reloading society too
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    You will need to take up black powder shooting and possible get a Harley ?

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    I once had a luxurious beard and found my tick burden went up alarmingly!

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    Apart from the ticks these are all brilliant reasons for keeping the beard, however, I feel my fiancÚ will see all of these as negatives. I do like the idea of hiding a Harley shooting my home loaded black powder rifle though!

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    My beard used to work when it was dark brown - No use for camo now since it went grey! - Back to using a mask now in anything like daylight - Also need to wear a cap!


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    Lets just say its idleness and bearded men love eating food twice. Grew one once, it felt disgusting itched like hell and just did not feel remotely hygenic.Wear a veil and be a man, think of your poor lady having to put up with this bit of rough. My fiancee at the time now my wife for many years soon put me right. Shoot me down you cavemen before the wife shoots you.

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    Warning, may cause itching / rashes, (to both sexes)
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