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Thread: Snake - Royal Python

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    Snake - Royal Python

    Off topic but hey hope some enjoy and im also looking for someone with a male in the near future...

    This is my female ball python or Python regius which translates to Royal Python.. Ive had it from just after a hatchling and is currently just under twenty inches..

    It should reach three feet within the first three years making five to six feet as an adult..

    The natural lifespan ranks amongst the highest for snake species and captive raised can reach twenty to thirty years old..

    The longest living on record reached 47 years of age..

    Ive handled this one regularly and it is happy to feed from my hand taking small mice and rats every three days..

    It is an excellent feeder which also is a good guide to not being stressed as problem snakes can need force feeding as a last resort or can go up to 22 months before feeding..

    Although off topic hope its been of interest

    Home Sweet Home


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    Nice story mate and it would sure make a great handbag Do you have any photos of it rapped round a half naked woman just for the size comparison you understand.

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    How long before you have it trained on deer?

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    Shes partial to a bit of roe

    Tried to get a size comparison drapped around my ex- wifes neck but waiting for the muscles to develop


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    L.D.G. Snakeskin handbag what kind of stalking are you into

    Mind you it would make a nice belt once it gets a bit older, or a rifle strap, or as its a bit on the small side perhaps one of those bands that go round a bush hat

    Pheasant Sniper dont go bringing that up to Scotland with you JAYB has a funny thing about snakes

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    Pheasant sniper 1 are you hopeing to breed her with another of the same colour or are you going to try one of the colour morphs that are all the rage at the moment.
    I had seven royals a good few years back but decided to start breeding burmese pythons instead.
    A pall of mine has succesfully been breeding royals and sometimes has a few various colour versions available.
    If you are ever interested i can have a word for you and find out prices etc
    Anyway she looks a little darling and i hope she does well.

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    I take it your suggesting your missus is slightly built

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    Snake-Royal Python

    Hi PS, One of my daughters has a python of some sort and the chap that owns the pet shop that I supply rabbits (dead ones ) to, has a few including a couple of 15 footers. He is just south of Oxford if that's any use.

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    Tell you they taste great before anyone asks it's nothing like chicken.

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    Lovely pair of cowboy boots, just waiting to happen....

    If you lent it to me, I would put in the hutch with the bloody guinea pigs.

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