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Thread: Developing a new Stag load

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    Developing a new Stag load

    Afternoon all,

    I'm developing a new Stagie load for my .30-06

    Using 180 grain Nosler's - I have a load of Vhit N150 - Can I use this or would I be better going for N160...?

    Also... I am running out of H4350 for my .243 loads (95grain SST's) Could I use N150 on those too. It seems there is a massive shortage of any Hodgdons in the country.

    Advice gratefully received.



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    Hi Miles,The H4350 is a great choice for 243 and 180 gr for 30-06.N160 is a very close burn rate to H4350,I use N160 all the time in 243 and have used it in 30-06 ,very good.The load I use for 243 is 42gr N160 with 95gr SST.,and 57gr N160 with 180gr bullet for 30-06,hope that's a help.

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