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Thread: FC England leases - Forest of Dean

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    FC England leases - Forest of Dean

    Despite extensive and tenacious enquiries I am unable to find out WHEN the FC England will put deer stalking leases out to tender, and I am unable to find out IF there are actuallly going to be any deer stalking leases available for the Forest of Dean (Glos.) area.
    BASC's deer department is not aware of any FC leases for that area.
    Any pointers or insiders-information would be much appreciated - thank you.

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    Get to know your local FC Ranger.
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    FC Scotland has set up Deer Hubs cover different regions, don't know if England do the same.

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    I to have enquired but to no avail! Let me know if you find anything out and I will do likewise...

    ​regards, Jez
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    They also told me the leases come up once a year and are advertise on the FC website

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    The FC have a senior ranger and 3 full time rangers doing nearly 100% wildlife work in the FoD and I get the impression that leases are unlikely to come up as all work of this kind is already undertaken very effectively by their own people (possibly too effectively!). There are certainly not any private leases in existence currently to the very best of my knowledge. I very much doubt this will happen any time soon given the total open public access which would leave FC very exposed if they let private stalkers loose in areas where the public are very active all year round.

    Who knows, situation might change in future but got my doubts.



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    Is there any reason for you to believe that leases would come up in the Dean. As far as I know the FoD is one of those areas where the commission want to keep the management of the deer and boar inhouse mainly because of public access issues and safety. They appear to have sufficient staff to carry out the task themselves. Have you enquired about client stalking as they do take out stalking clients occasionally.
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    Not in the area mentioned but I attended an FC interview and shooting test with three other fella's off here a couple of years ago where a piece of land was on offer which also had a lot of public access.

    The public access was emphasised at interview and thoughts on extraction in these circumstances.

    Passing the shooting test and interview the money wanted did not justify the cull offered.

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    Pigs will fly before any outsiders get a lease for the Forest of Dean been told by the rangers

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    Quote Originally Posted by gadget View Post
    Pigs will fly before any outsiders get a lease for the Forest of Dean been told by the rangers
    I was talking to one of the rangers a few months ago and while he didn't put it quite that strongly he did say that it was extremely unlikely to change.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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