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Thread: Moles

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    What would be the best mole traps to use, The current spring ones I am using are being dislodged and dug round failing to catch !


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    Contact Chris at his traps are top quality and come pre tuned. I would rather have 20 of these traps than 60 cheap ones.

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    Does not sound like the traps are at fault more the way they are placed in the runs. sell duffus and Talpex.

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    Moles normally go round or heave the traps up when they haven't been set properly and or in the wrong place on a multi run or bend or not set correctly in line with the run, there may be another run just under the one you have the trap

    As a rule of thumb use traps in moderation, using only the hot runs, never on a bend or slope, trap type is irrelevant, only time you would normally use a duffus trap is in sandy or unstable ground I use talpex and or fenn mole traps, they are about the best. And they are smaller and easier to install, I have 480 of those compared to 50 duffus.

    Set the trap a little lower in a good run, with traps, less is best, one nicely set trap will do the job of ten that have been slung in the ground, making sure you re - cover the trap hole to lightly seal the run and try not to unsettle the ground, pick your spot, and look at the run of hills to see where the mole is going to and there will be an access point somewhere try and find that and put a trap as the moles comes from one area to the next.

    Good luck

    drop me a pm if I can be of any further help



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    Funny old world Philip I only use duffus never failed me

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    I know, some people love the duffus trap and rightly so, tried and tested.

    I find the little fenn mole trap a peach of a trap to use and catches well, talpex my second choice,

    Duffus I only use when I am running out of traps or soil conditions


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    Quote Originally Posted by Dakaras View Post
    Funny old world Philip I only use duffus never failed me
    Can only agree with the above statement,not only geuine Duffos ,but tunnel type, find nothing wrong with the cheap Chinese copies, ok they may need a thbit of fine tuneing, but at half the price who cares , Badgers in my area don't seem to care which type they run off with

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    Oh yes

    Is a wonder mole traps are not on the endangered list, if you take in account being mowerised, badgerised, foxes and two legged intervention,



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