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Thread: Hanwag Special Forces LX boot

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    Hanwag Special Forces LX boot

    Hanwag special forces LX

    At the weekend I was talking with a friend of mine (who is a marine) about boots. He was saying that these boots are the best he has ever had. Leather lined so they dry better than gortex lined boots.

    Has anyone here tried these boots?

    I was thinking about getting alt-bergs because of the fitting options and that they are british based. But I dont like the idea of a waterproof lining and I can not see any of there boots without.

    The one thing that puts me off the Hanwag boots is that I can not see anyone any where near me that stocks them to try on, I am not sure about ordering boots off the internet as I would like to try them on first.


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    In what way would leather lined dry better than gore tex lined? I don't understand. My meindls never seem to get wet on the inside unless I go wading and it goes over the top. I have heard that Hanwag are good boots though I have never set eyes on a pair.

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    Men's Sneeker Microlite (Black) - Alt-Berg Boots

    these aren't waterproof. My mate who is an ammo tec for alpha troop swears by them.
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    I want a boot that is made to be water proof with out the gortex lining. My problem with gortex is that even on a cold day,if I do enought walking my feet will sweat, and gortex will not be as breathable as leather.

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    Have look for Lowa Munro's. Leather lined an no Gore Tex but pretty much waterproof.

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