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Thread: Smallholders' Cow

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    Smallholders' Cow

    Bit of a long shot trying to sell a cow on here, but if there's any smallholders / small-scale farmers / self-sufficiency enthusiasts amongst the membership then this might just be of interest:

    Newly calved heifer for sale. 26 months old.

    Blue X Jersey.

    These are the type of cows we've had for years, and they're absolutely the best for small-scale production!
    Good for milking for the house, or as sucklers (single or multiple). We've reared up to 10 calves per year per cow.

    Not too big, very docile, easy calvers.

    The one for sale is one of a batch we bucket reared from calves. She's very quiet, ties up ok, and is learning to lead on a halter. Lovely udder.

    She calved about a week ago, and the calf (male calf by lim bull) is available with her if required.

    Genuine smallholders' cows don't come up for sale very often (or if they do they're worn out old crocks!), so this is an opportunity not to be missed!

    Can deliver within reasonable distance, at cost.

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    Not a smallholder but interested , any price ?

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    Depends whether she goes with the calf.
    The pair together will be iro 1,600

    It's a long way to Sussex though....

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