been taking my neighbour foxing with no end result, I do most of my foxing on foot so tonight we had a change of tactic we got parked up behind a couple of tree's and I set the fox pro up which I,ve never realy given a proper go at. we had the 270 set up on the bonnet and set the fox pro off.
with in 10 mins a fox was sat 170 yds away looking at us then the caller to our left. i ask him if he was happy too take the shot and he was. I was not looking at the fox as he pulled the trigger so dint know if he had hit it or not all I saw was a pheasant jump 10ft up in the air. had a walk down and sure enough he had hit it straight throw the chest and out the other side.
neadless too say I had one happy chappie that was in day light about 8.45 stayed till 10.30 and saw nowt else.