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Thread: Sadia Sovreign Chiller

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    Sadia Sovreign Chiller


    I have a Sadia Sovreign commercial chiller for sale (about ten years old i'm told). It does need a new evaporator coil & suction accumulator (i'm told these come as one item and cost an upwards of 150-200)

    This chiller measures roughly 6'9'' H x 3ftw x 3ftd / Internally you reduce the d x w by 6" and height is roughly 5'8'' - can hold 4 decent Munties or 2 decent size Roe Bucks (l have another exactly the same).

    I'm open to offers - Around the 40 marks would be nice as its cost me that in just diesel to get it to mine!


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    What's yor location Bud?

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    Hi TJ,

    I'm in Aylesbury (North Bucks)



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    Can you ocnfirm the replacement part is commercially available?



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    In the line of my work l use a air conditioning company for all my work, which l trust fully on their opinion,

    The lad that came to service and check them over and re-gas has said that the parts are available from a specialist based in Sheffield (l will get the info on these and give them a bell with regards to the parts needed) I'll report back tomorrow!

    He also said that if someone knew what they were doing with other parts it could be changed/fixed with some fridgeration know-how and time~alternatively there are companies out there that make up these parts -


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    Hi tom is the chiller sold yet ?

    regards Anthony

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    No not sold yet - awaiting information from my a/c man with regards to the company that do the parts to post their info on the thread - open to offers though!


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    i've been told the suppliers where there are parts available for these chillers is Viscount catering.


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