Just checking in
Have been hunting, shooting, fishing since I was a boy in NZ. Have plenty of experience on NZ small and large game and trapped possums and shot deer and pigs to get beer money while going through university.
Have hunted red, sika, wapiti, white tail and fellow deer. Thar, chamois, pigs, goats and wild cattle. Rabbits, possums, wild cats, ferrets etc... I have done a lot less shooting, but have shot ducks, swans, geese and pheasants.
Have a couple of 12g & .22 rimfires, then a 22-250, 222, 243, 270, 280, 7x57, 303, 30-06 & 300win mag (all in NZ).
Trying to get some deer hunting done over here (living in Berkshire) and maybe a moose in Europe or NA.
Smacked over a Roe deer earlier in the year with a local stalker and that sure got the juices flowing again.
Have some questions to ask about getting a FAC, which seems to be more difficult than I originally thought, but will look on the forum and try and fine the most appropriate pages.
Look forward to learning all about this UK stalking.