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Thread: Rabbit/Hare/Game Bird access for falconer

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    Rabbit/Hare/Game Bird access for falconer

    Hi All

    I am looking for some hunting ground to fly my goshawk on in Scotland, preferably Perthshire/Fife/Angus, but willing to travel further if necessary.

    Mainly rabbit and game birds, but blue hare access would be very welcome! Ex-shoot land considered or willing to pay gun/half-gun rate for suitable access on active shoot.

    SGA/SACS member and fully insured.

    Please pm me if you know of anything suitable

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    Don't be shy folks!

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    hi im perebarbary, as you may have guessed im a falconer, did you have any joy with your ad as im looking for something along the same lines. thanks.

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    hi PB

    No takers unfortunately, difficult to get much access up my way as a lot of the ground is either arable or estate with shooting interests.

    Cheers for the bump though!


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    Xmas bumpety-bump!

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    Have you got any military airfields near you? They could be worth a try?

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    Hi Baguio

    No, unfortunately not. They tend to hold brown hares too, whereas I'm after the white mountain hares.


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    New Year bump!

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    Bumpety bump for next season.......

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    Thats the goshawk ready to go for the season, wee bump to see if any kind soul can help out.


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