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Thread: Binoculars for around 400 quid for a mate

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    Binoculars for around 400 quid for a mate

    Hi chaps,
    My shooting buddy has 400 quid to spend on some binoculars for hunting/general wildlife spotting stuff.

    He's thinking 2nd hand Zeiss/Swaro/Leica of some description but is it possible for that money?

    If anyone has any around Peterborough or within an hour or so he's more than willing to travel to try them and pay cash?


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    Tell him to get in touch with Glyn!

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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    Thanks Willie will do
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    Minox HG's - If your friend looks about he'll get a good second hand set of 8x43 or 10x43 for 3-400. I got a set for 325 second hand and they are great for the money. Propbably not as good as swaro, zeiss or leica but definatly not far away and probably the best in the sort of price range. You may possible get a set of older swaro slc's for 400 if you look about. Have a look at Macleods of Tain they mite have something nice.

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    Try a pair of Hawke Frontier ED 8X43............FANTASTIC !.............these give the expensive models a real run for their money
    Forgot to add that my shooting buddy tried my Hawke binos and was blown away with the quality.....his words were and I quote " I can't see any noticeable difference from my binos ...and his are Swaro's !!!"
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    Enjoy yourself's later than you think !!

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    My mate just bought a cracking pair of Olympus binos from Amazon for 40... I thought they wete hi-end kit and the image is perfect.
    Olympus 8 x 40 DPSI Binocular:Amazon:Camera & Photo
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    Steiner make great binoculars and for that price you could get a new set.

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    I paid 400 for a pair of vortex talons, more than happy with them, very good glass and well built.

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    leupold arcadia, 8x42, I wanted a budget pair for every day use on the quad and didn't fancy banging my zeiss about so went online on uttings and picked them up for I think 189 and there excellent I was using them lastnight and was watching deer long after the naked eye had packed up, cant speak for the other makes as I havnt tried them but for the money leupold are my choice

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