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Thread: dwarf red deer

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    dwarf red deer

    I noticed that some time ago a member of the group in Campbeltown posted a picture of a very small red deer calf he had shot and had asked if anyone had seen anything like it. Well I have and it was also in Argyll. It is what is called a chondrodysplastic deer. A hereditary disease which has only once been recorded in the UK. If the person who posted the original pic would like to discuss this further I would be happy to give you a lot more info.

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    good to see you get stuck in Jimmy so early, I hope the folk on this site will keep you busy, I will if I get the chance

    regards patrickt

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    Great to see you on the site Proffessor Simpson. We all look forward to your very learned opinion.

    It was Ranger22 who shot the dwarf red - post was this:

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