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Thread: My 1st roe

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    My 1st roe

    Despite owning "MUNTJACSTALKER" our area rarely has any roe but muntjac and cwd are plentiful.We occasionally see the odd one but they stay briefly and then move on,the only exception in 26 years is one doe which overwintered.
    Consequently i have always fancied stalking a roe.Last year i went twice in scotland and once in hampshire but despite seeing deer and thoroughly enjoying watching how roe operate and being in some scenic locations i was not able to get on too one.Still,i didnt want it easy so i was prepared to wait.

    Consequently last week i was at a wedding in kelso and salmon fishing while i was there so i contacted "amanda16" and "nel" off of sd as they had been down with us for muntjac previously and were not to far from kelso.

    Myself and mike met up with both of them and headed our seperate ways on a glorious evening.The views were stunning and within 20 mins our 1st buck was spotted but alass it was not to be as it departed over the boundary.As the light started to fade i jumped up into a high seat to scan some clearfell and low and behold a nice buck appeared from very close by,so for some agonising moments i couldnt move or grab my rifle but as it ventured away i was able to get myself in position.However the shot was not on till another 30 feet as it was walking away from me.Then fortunatly it turned,i made some ridiculous noise(cant remember what as it all happened so quick) it stopped.i fired ,it jumped and the rest is history!

    As a bonus "nell" had got a fox from his viewpoint nearby,we returned to the larder were the other 2 had got a nice buck also.

    All in all a great evening,great company,great scenery and a great result.

    Many thanks to the lads and would recommend them to anyone

    I ll try and get some pics up shortly

    kind regards

    Jason(aka muntjacstalker)

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    Well done Jason, it's always really memorable your first of any species. Looking forward to the pics.


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    Wll done on your first roe good result. I would also recommend Amanda16 top guy with some amazing ground

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    Congrats on your first roe buck Jay. How did it feel taking it from a high seat? I guess when in Rome and all that.

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    Well done Jason and mike quite a change in scenery from beds
    ​ Atb tom

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    Did you land any Salmon?

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    Hi guys,thanks for the comments,expected the high seat one but if you could see the undulations you would understand why it was neccessary in this bit of clearfell.
    No salmon unfortunatly but on the whole of the tweed from mon till thurs only about 20 were caught so it was just a bad week and the fish just not in the system.Was great to fish 2 beats i hadnt fished before though.
    Still i,m on the inver next month and back on the tweed in july/aug fishing the junction so will continue trying
    all the best

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    Well done and Congratulations!
    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    Enjoyed your company Jason, great result also... Just collected my Munty from taxidermist, will post a pic...

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