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Thread: AOLQ in Powys?

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    AOLQ in Powys?

    Does anyone have AOLQ in Powys? If not does anyone have crows, etc and rabbit as a supplement to fox?

    Ive just moved to Powys from Surrey and during a visit from my new FEO to check my safe/guns I asked for AOLQ and fox to be added to my ticket. My FEO said Powys doesn't do AOLQ and doesnt allow crows, etc on .243, there was no problem with fox.

    As he's a new FEO I want to get everything straight and don't want him stopping me from having quarry Im legally entitled to.

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    It will get there soon as Cheshire have just found it so it must be moving around the country

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    Dyfed Powys Police wont give AOLQ ive tried They say they dont see the need. Even though I quoted ACOP recomending it.
    I did not take it any further at the time as I wanted my variation back shapish.

    Good luck let us know how you got on.

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    Thanks Multiman, do you have a link to the ACOP recommendations? Did they give you crow, rabbit, etc? What calibre was this for?

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    Bomag I found the ACOP recomendations on the BAC website google search. My 223 is Deer fox and Vermin the 25-06 and 308 just says Deer and Fox. Bit contradictory but the FEO said vermin is up to you with the larger calibres as you have primary quarry. But if you want boar and goat you need to give us evidence.
    Keep me posted

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    If you get a letter off a hill farmer stating they have problems with crows attacking new born lambs and the rifle you have for vermin is not heavy enough as you cannot get to close to the animal / bird in question they will grant you AOLQ as per the acpo

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    Thanks guys, I will take a look at the BASC website and sort out the required letters.

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    Looks like Essex no are givin AOLQ without a fight .until now thay were saying def' no and the shooter needed to prove he needed it by a long winded letter!

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    Just got my son's FAC grant from Devon & Cornwall today with vermin, ground game , fox deer wild boar and AOLQ

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