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    anybody used the site for revision for their dsc1?

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    I used it a couple of years ago as preparation for a BASC-run course and assessment.

    I bought a month's worth, and did 'random 50s' a few times each day for two weeks until I was able to get them all right. This is the way I was taught to pass multiple-choice exam papers, and it has served me well so far.

    The deer recognition photos were particularly useful: I've only ever stalked red and Sika hinds, which can give one a skewed perspective of what they look like!
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    no i signed up with jelens online training programme, great learning aid, best 10-00 a month i ever spent

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    i've also signed up for a month. i find it an excellent site for revision. are the deer recognition photo's the actual one's in the assessment?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikewilliams View Post
    anybody used the site for revision for their dsc1?
    I did a couple of years ago, the site was handy for checking how well I knew the material and doing mock tests. I think there was also a section of photographs which helped with the recognition test.

    If you are a member of BASC then 20 for 3 months seemed good value. That side I don't know how it compares to other such sites offering DSC1 support and resources.

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    not sure aout the pics, did my assesment day with David Stretton at donington deer and the photos were different to the ones Jelen used, best to swat up on loads of different photo's, good luck with your level 1

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