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Thread: Need some advice from the more experienced stalkers among us

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    Need some advice from the more experienced stalkers among us

    Right chaps, I have a problem. I had a call from a customer of mine today (I'm a gardener), the Munties have been in again and eaten the roses. Nothing new here, but now it's getting bad and I need to sort it. They're coming in every morning to eat the fallen mulberries so it should be fairly simple...Or so you'd think!

    Here's the problem. The garden is perfectly safe. About 75x200 yards, backing on to common land and steep. The soil is cultivated in places so there are no stones and the ground is soft. The bullet will stay put, I'm 100% sure of that. And the neighbouring houses are over 100 yards away. But! The neighbour on one side is a right hippy. There is no Deer trail going to his ground as they come from the common land at the back, but I can't afford to have a runner go onto his patch. The Deer are slightly tolerant of people. My shot will be inside 50 yards. I can place the shot inch perfect from the prone position if I lie on top of a big wall in the garden.

    So. I have an open FAC and a 6.5x55 shooting Barnes TSX. Where do I need to land my bullet to ensure the Deer goes down and stays there? I would even consider a different bullet if need be? I have Speer 140 grn softpoints, 120grn Nosler ballistic tips or 90grn Speer TNT in the loading room? I can't use a shotgun. I don't like the method and it's too loud (and possibly not even legal for domestic protection?)!

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    At least one of those nearby houses will be responsible for a call to plod, Guaranteed! I would need to be sure that the neighbours were aware that safe practice was being observed, I have been on the receiving end of three visits from the shiny button brigade (two arv & one anti terror unit) in the past, all due to either anti's or otherwise opposed to my lawful activities, you are going to have plod frowning at you anyways, Without knowing the lay of the land in question, it would be wrong for advice to be given regarding discharging a centrefire on a forum in this context.

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    Due to the layout of the ground and the thickness of the hedges around the property I doubt the neighbours would even recognise a shot. The rifle is moderated and people shoot the surrounding farms with shotguns now and again too so the actual shooting isn't really an issue. I'd have thought the neighbours would sleep through it. The shot will be fired away from the houses in question. Safety really isn't an issue (if it was I wouldn't even consider taking the gun up there).

    What I can't have is the Deer running. That's the only problem that could occur.

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    I would use some quickly expanding bullet like BT and go for high shoulder shot. The bullet should go through both shoulders, lungs and possibly touch the spine. I would say it's safer shot than head/neck shot... and the deer should drop instantly.

    Just a thought.


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    You are on such dodgy ground there mate! I wouldn't consider doing any kind of shooting without first consulting the local FEO.
    The other consideration is that if you shoot one, about 3 more will come to its funeral and finish off the roses! Much easier in the long run to stick a fence up and keep the little buggers out!!

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    Fix the fence make it deer proof and keep plod of your case it's not worth your FAC just my opinion.


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    Well thanks for the replies so far. Not quite what I was expecting but I'm glad I asked. I didn't even consider that maybe I shouldn't be shooting there? Legally I can't see how it's a problem as long as it's safe?

    Ok the area isn't very big but it's private property on the very edge of a small village. I'll be more than 50' from the centre of the road, will have a great backstop, and can't be seen from either of the neighbouring properties. Both the neighbouring houses are to the sides of the house whos land I'm on and 100ish yards away, so behind me too. I'd be shooting into a steep (45 degrees steep) earth bank with several miles of common land behind it.

    We've tried fencing. It never has worked though. The badgers trash the fence then the munties come through the holes. I even made badger gates but then the munties use them too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by glogin
    I would use some quickly expanding bullet like BT and go for high shoulder shot. The bullet should go through both shoulders, lungs and possibly touch the spine. I would say it's safer shot than head/neck shot... and the deer should drop instantly.

    Just a thought.

    Tricky one this and a situation that I have found myself in a couple of times recently. Totally agree with Glogin on the shot placement if you do have to shoot an animal under these circumstances but also agree with the other lads that fencing may well be a better long term option. If its only muntjac that are the problem then normal stock or rabbit fencing can be enough if it is well erected and touches the ground. As with any fence, it will only be as good as the first time the land owner leaves the gates open. If the roses are in beds then a light, temporary rabbit fence may help. If you do end up shooting one or two then I would leave it up to the owner to contact his neighbours if he thinks it nessesary. As you have an open FAC, the last thing that I would do would be to contact an FEO who would, no doubt, dream up some reason why it can't be done! One last point, make sure you charge the client for your services, I don't suppose you would weed his borders for nothing so why should you be expected to shoot his deer for nothing!

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    Ditto with Last two comments.

    Deer management isn't always about the cull.

    We can use pro-active preventative measures as a first choice where repercussions could end your FAC.

    If this method fails to work then employ some electrical fencing which may or may not work.

    A shot sound will always travel and where houses are close by someone will call PC plod, guaranteed.


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    On the finer point of your view , I also have permission to shoot in a certain property, but It didn't stop plod spending two weeks trying his damndest to get me into the system for a court appearance, he thought he could catch me out on "Fear of endangerment", we finally agreed to part as "Friends" he not pursuing it & me agreeing not to repeat the exercise!

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