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Thread: Zebra skin

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    Zebra skin

    Not sure if this is the right place but any ideas where the best place to sell one i have one which i shot a few years back , i don't use it as a rug , its packed away so i thought i may be worth selling it but at a loss as to where to advertise it apart from on here.

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    Seen a few on eBay, there is a multitude of taxidermy on there.....
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    Thats where I sold a lot of skins at, the prices turned out to be satisfying.....
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    On here without a doubt.

    Pity your didn't shoot a giraffe as I have a verry long and cold vestibule floor in need of a rug!

    How much are you looking for?


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    I think he may soon have a very long and thin monochrome rug for you


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    I had a look at ebay a while ago and could not find any real ones only fake ones .

    Will take a look there.


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    I'd say stick it on here first. I'm sure there are people here who'd like one!

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    Dyed green it could be tricked into a cool pair of "leather" camo trousers??

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    How much do you want for it?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Safari Hunter View Post
    How much do you want for it?


    Excuse me but I get to make the first offer of 50!


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