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    atec maxium moderator

    Hi Guys
    I am after a bit of information, three of my rifles are thread 1/2 unf x 20 and are obviously different makes my question is, do the maxium have diferent bushes like the reflex?
    one of my rifles is a 300win mag and have been told that the 1/2 unf/20 is not suitable for this caliber

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    Mine came with one bush which I had reamed out to the exact diameter for my rifle but in truth it doesn't matter if it is a slightly lose fit so you could size to the wider barrel. Check specs re calibres covered - I have the smaller one that runs to 6.5mm

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    The bushes can be bought as 'extras', not very expensive, and if you catch the right person when you ring Jacksons you may be lucky to get one sent direct to your home addess !! I did ;-)
    I have three rifles with different barrel profiles so have three bushes, in fact I also have two first sections for my A-Tec Maxim as two of my rifles, remingtons, have 1/2 x 20 threads and the Blasers are 15 x 1 spigot.
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    I don't bother with the rear bush on my Maxim, it certainly doesn't affect accuracy not having it there.

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