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Thread: nv set up

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    nv set up

    i am wanting to make my 223 into a nightvision only gun and would like some FIRST hand advice on which unit to purchase .i would like to keep the cost below 2k ? any FIRST hand advice appreciated

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    So, be clear - a dedicated night sight at below 2k. (Any particular reason why dedicated?) I'm assuming this is a fox rig - what sort of ranges do you shoot at?

    What sort of magnification do you like to shoot at as this may have a bearing too.
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    sorry yes purely a foxing rig, ranges out to 200yards ,mag 5x

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    Pulsar N750 with an NM800IR torch & a doubler takes some beating & comes in under your budget at around 1600

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    The problem with a dedicated n/v setup as in the Pulsar mentioned above is that to scan around the area with it is that you are also scanning around with a loaded rifle. For around the same price, you can buy a Starlight Archer than can be used as a hand held (it has a built in doubler) when you spot a pair of eyes or need to positively identify the eyes, it then simply connects to your scope and if you are on say 6x on the scope, it will effectively give you a 12 x mag.

    The down side of the unit is that you really need a parallax adjusting scope to get the best out of this unit plus it does add length to the scope so shooting with it takes a bit of adjustment, but with a 223 recoil that should be no problem. I have an Archer and have also spent quite a bit of time looking through a Pulsar 750 - will stick with the Archer.

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    So for a dedicated rig, you are looking at something like a (maxi) Kite to make it worth while really - but over your budget. Others will come up with variants of this with a Gen3 tube.

    I'm with PeterH on this - the Gen3 add-on monoculars are very good and give you additional mag through your day scope should you need it, with the small concession on LoP as you are set back on the stock a bit because of the add on.

    I use a PVS-14 - excellent piece of kit - Archer also good. I'm not yet completely convinced by the digital stuff. I am very interested in seeing the new Pulsar 5x42 sight when it comes out (allegedly very shortly) - as at 400 ish it could be a game changer in the market - and may meet your requirements and give you money to spend on other toys like a dedicated spotter - or thermal....(!)

    BTW, the NM800 IR torch is a superb bit of kit and with the interchangeable LED's is a must have bit of kit IMO.
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    My initial suggestions would be as V890.

    The N750 with NM800IR is a cracking setup and ideal for foxing at the ranges you refer to.

    The Archer in a Gen 3 D also comes into budget and is a superb piece of kit for use as suggested as handheld spotting and then attached to the riflescope quickly.

    However with 2k to spend you could go N750 and the excellent Recon 750 hand held as a spotter too bang on budget for best of both worlds.

    Buy Pulsar Recon 750 Digital Night Vision Monocular - shop at suppliers Scott Country

    The new Photon 5x42 is mentioned and that is the new device from Yukon which I have been using for several weeks now as a demo unit and is great but is for shorter range use that you look for particularly for shooting at 200yds as it will offer spotting/detection out to 190m max. Realistically it is ideal for .17hmr use at night, and occaisional foxing on bigger calibres, but for a dedicated foxing rig, you do need to spend more to achieve a regular longer range recognition range.

    We offer a 7 day demo service which allows you to try at home for 7 days before you buy. (Conditions apply) why not try an N750 and Night master at home first then make a decision

    More info here

    Night Vision Demo Units - 7 Day Trial

    The service is there to allow people to make an informed decision so take advantage of it where you can of course we are happy to do.

    Best Regards


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    cheers for the info,i already have two handheld units for spotting atn and a bresser so thats why i was after the dedicated nv scope ,the pulsar is very appealing but with all the add-ons it does get into the archer price range! ideally a scoped size unit without extra this and snap on that is what i would like (like the 5 x 42yukon?)
    paul i will be in touch for a demo cheers do you have mounts for sako s491 to take the n750?
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    Sorry for a bit of a thread hi-jack but to all those that know about Archers, if I put a normal eye-relief scope in the long eye relief position on my steyr scout, when the archer was then attached, it would be perfect wouldn't it????
    (google a pic of a scout to see what I mean but basically, the picante rail goes a long way forward)

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    Crosshair its hard to explain but I would say it should be fine somewhere mid position. I use one on my sako 85 with a Z6i and yes the positioning isn't perfect a lot depends how you are shooting and you do tend to adjust. If shooting from the wingmirror of my truck its no issue at all but lying prone it takes a bit more getting used to. A simple option is to bung a stock extender on when you have the nv fitted but so far I've not needed to. Depending which bit of berks you are if you wanted to try one on then I'm not that far away. For the OP's spec I would say an archer would fit the bill well with the versatility to swap between rifles, the bonus point for me with regard to getting a decent id and shot is retaining the variable scope magnification

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