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Thread: Roe Buck Success

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    Roe Buck Success

    Well I have just returned to Australia from my family trip to Europe.

    Many thx to my UK friend for organising a very satisfying Roe Buck Stalk. Success was had with a borrowed R8 in .30-06. The whole stalk covered approx. 5 miles from 05:45 till 08:00. The scenery and experience were exactly what I imagined it to be.

    Range was 151 yards (lasered) and I'm told the buck was 2 yo.

    My Ridgeline jacket had too much white in the pattern and the Barbour jacket I picked up later would have been more suitable.

    Exit hole from the 150 X-Bullet
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    Well done c4,something quite magical stalking roebucks early morning,well I think so,and with a 30-06 R8 just the icing on the cake.

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