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Thread: N/v rem22.250 set up

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    N/v rem22.250 set up

    I have for sale my vs rem 700 in 22.250, it has a t4 mod, a jewel trigger, ken Farrell rail, and a sm-3s2 6x gen 2+ scope with ir from nvscopes down in Kent. I just don't have the use for it any more and to many other things to do. The scope I should not think has had even two hours use as I have a spotting scope that does all the work, it is turned on when the fox is coming in, the fox is dealt with then it is turned off. I can email pics or send some over the phone. If there is enough interest I may split the set up. 2600ovno
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    il have the jewel trigger if the price is right pm me and what model of n/v and price thanks rob

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    Quote Originally Posted by wraith View Post
    il have the jewel trigger if the price is right pm me and what model of n/v and price thanks rob
    I think it's attached to the rifle, it reads to me it's a complete set up, not component parts that are for sale.
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    Ok there has been some interest in me breaking this set up so the rifle a rem 22.250vs with a t4 mod and the jewel trigger 800 or with out trigger 650 no mount. Rfd at your cost. The trigger on its own is 150 + post. The scope which is a sm-3s2 HG is 1500 and we would have to see how you want it picked up or sent.

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