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Thread: Cleaning skull pressure washer?

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    Cleaning skull pressure washer?

    Hi there,
    hope you can help, I'm preparing the first roe skull that I will do myself soon ( it's in the freezer at the mo) and was wondering if the post boil cleaning was ok to do with a pressure washer? Have heard of people doing this but is it likely to cause any damage to the trophy if I'm a bit crack handed with it?

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    i use a presser washer on skulls weekly flesh the skull first boil for 15 min then get the presser washer on it just don't touch the antlers in any of the process dont boil them

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    Be careful with the nose bones!

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    If using a pressure washer I would advise not to cut the skull before prepping, also be careful with a young beast or you will spend your time gluing the nose back together, also don't boil for as long as if you were cleaning it manually
    or it will tend to fall apart when you turn the washer on it.
    A pressure washer can certainly speed the process up and is used by a lot of us that have multiple heads to do or where time is important.

    Its your choice but if its the case of doing a single head I personally would just clean it by hand..

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    Maybe I'll do it the hard way then. Only got one to do and it is a young beast!

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    I've taken heads to the local garage that had a steam wash, very very effective!

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    If its a young head just don't boil it for too long and be gentle around nose with pressure washer
    We use this process for all the deer species to good effect and if we can do cwd skulls by this method then all the others should be simple
    Regards andy

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