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Thread: 12-42x56 Nightforce NXS

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    12-42x56 Nightforce NXS

    I am selling my 12-42x56 Nightforce NXS, milldot ret and 1/8th MOA clicks.
    comes with all papers and box etc.
    Scope is on perfect condition.

    Also have 12-42x45 NXS with 1/4moa clicks and high speed turrets, NP-r2 reticle.
    Again all papers and box present.
    Both scopes were used for range work only
    will sell whichever goes first.
    Both scopes are 2012 models and in perfect order.

    I'm looking for 1,100.00 for either scope.

    Thanks for looking.


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    Scope now sold subject to , many thanks.

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    Hi have the scopes been sold?
    Cheers Darren

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darren1701 View Post
    Hi have the scopes been sold?
    Cheers Darren
    Yes Darren, I'm afraid so.

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