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Thread: How much time do you spend in a high seat?

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    Quote Originally Posted by vizslamad View Post
    If I can help it as little as possible. Its just not stalking.
    ​No, but it is deer management.

    High seats have their place.....normally leaning against a tree.

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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    I usually stay in the high seat till I wake up. Don't know what it is about them but after a days work I get the zeds after about one minute sat down in one. Usually wake up when the owls start to screech. If I don't climb the seat I can mooch around for hours.

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    Pro's of high seats- 'viewing and/or snoozing'.
    Con's of highseat ' if you're snoozing and the dog is viewing then it can't poke you in the eye to wake you up'
    If I am out for a full day I'd rather take a kip in a sunny seat at midday then try and get comfortable in the car.

    Seriously though movement or noise in a high seat does not necessarily go unnoticed by deer, and getting to and into a seat can require good fieldcraft.
    Surprised nobody has mentioned the fact that if you're in a seat you're not on the ground fouling it with your scent and possibly changing the behaviour of your deer on a permanent basis.
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    Clearly there are a lot of variables to take in to account, but its interesting to see how some people combine a high seat in with a stalk or in some cases a nap!

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    A freind from Sweden one told me he had spent 16 hours , waiting for an Elk in a high seat . Can any one beat that !


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    1 minute this morning

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    Standing on bottom run 1 sec!

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    I like high seats and can while away many hours in one. I normally set my self a 3 hour minimum

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    Not as much time as I spend on the naughty step, harsh my wife

    Same as some others soon as I sit in one become a noddy dog,blame the British army,never stand when you can sit,never sit when you can lay down,never be awake when you can sleep.

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