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Thread: Stalking with Teyhan1 this weekend

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    Stalking with Teyhan1 this weekend

    Last weekend i had arranged to hay a few stalks with Teyhan1, some of his ground is about ten minutes from my house so was convenient and meant i could also spend some time with the family between being out.

    We met a 5am which gave me a lie in until around 4.45! With the introductions over we parked my car locally and headed to Teyhan's first piece of ground. When we pulled in we immediately notice a couple of roe out in the first field we drove past , so quietly pulled up an left the car to begin the stalk. As we walked in to the first field we cam across a Roe buck about 50 yards away that had spotted us, he was staring at us, i slowly tried to get in to a shooting position but the buck was off before this could be achieved.

    Moving on we came across a few does before noticing two different bucks in a large open field, we moved underneath some barbed wire to get into the corner of the field still maintaining some distance from the bucks (younger and older buck). The bucks sensed something was up and moved to the far opposite corner of the field where we continued to glass them, they didnt seem to alarmed and were moving slowly toward the open gat in that corner of the field. I sat hoping they would come back in our direction but they continued walking until they had gone through the gate and over the boundary....

    Oh well... we then decided to leave that piece of ground to have a look at some other local areas , we went to a few locations and saw a few deer on the way but none that provided a shot.

    ​As the morning was coming to and we were on the way back to the car Teyhan decided to call in to that first piece of ground we had visited in case the buck had come back out... There he was grazing out in the same field as earlier with a doe nearby laying down. We crawled into the field through a hedge and under some more barbed wire, with the strong smell of fox **** awakening the senses....

    I'm sure the doe had seen us and was looking in our direction but she remained on the ground quietly, i stayed in the prone position waited for the buck to turn broadside and took the shot...The .308 done its job and dropped the buck on the spot. Phew, after waiting some time went over to check the animal and all was good, a very happy man.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    That evening we went back out on another piece of ground , we sat and watched a particular area however no deer presented themselves. On foot now and we came across a doe as we were moving through the ground, then decided to sit down under a tree that over looked a nice clearing.
    As we were sat waiting a young 4 point buck came charging out of the tree's ..... we sat and watched in case another buck came out behind him but the the sound of a small dog barking soon confirmed what has caused this....

    Moving over to the other side of the ground now we headed into a piece of woodland and sat on a slight hill over looking another clearing.... we sat there for a while spending the time looking at the clearing and squashing the ticks that were crawling all over me... Teyhan then spotted a couple of muntjac moving into the clearing , they disappeared back into the tree's and around ten minutes later one of them moved out and begun to graze in the open.....

    I got a clear shot and sent a round in the direction of the muntjac buck and it went down.... moments later the doe came out and was looking around the area where the first animal had dropped, i reloaded and took another shot and she went down next to the buck..

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The first shot was slightly back (i'm sure some may point out ) but the animal went down on the spot and the carcass was perfectly clean with no damage to the stomach contents.

    Thanks very much to Teyhan1 for a great day!

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    Well done mate nice read and pictures

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    Good work chaps! Nice buck and Sounds like you had a nice couple of outings, despite the fox shat!

    ​regards, Jez
    slowly slowly catch a monkey..

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    Nice one Dom, you never got away with boiling that buck in the kitchen did you?

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    It was good fun Dom and a pleasure taking you out.
    You forgot to tell everyone about the Fallow. So I will.
    As we were leaving the ground on Sunday morning I spied a Fallow buck that I had seen 2 wks earlier. My initial thought was bugger, as it was now out of season by 5 days. So Dom and I sat and watched it from the car. What soon became apparent was that it was carrying an injury to its front leg. Should I cull it on humane grounds? I really couldn't decide. So often minor limping type injuries will heal. Then I decided yes I would as it seemed to be a worse injury than was initially thought. As I got out of the car the buck became spooked by something in the wood next to it, moved position and eventually jumped a 4ft fence into the neighbours. We got back into the car and left the property. Looking around as we left we could see that what had spooked the buck was infact another buck. AND it was in an even worse state than the 1st one, with a heavily withered rear leg from an old injury.
    Now was the dilema. Do you shoot both of them on someone elses ground (10m from boundary) on humane grounds. NO.
    Dominic on my instruction made a valiant attempt to get them back onto my ground with me waiting but even though they were both injured they both outwitted us and made off.
    Dom and I talked about how sad it was that we couldn't have taken the opportunity to cull the animals for fear of prosecution even though it would have been the right thing to do. Sad thing was in some ways I was glad they made of (as it was a difficult decision) and in some ways sad that I couldn't end their suffering.

    Well done Dom and good shooting
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    It didn't get near my kitchen mate, that pic was take in a kind family member's kitchen and was just the finishing stages The smelly bit was done outside!

    Quote Originally Posted by Benc View Post
    Nice one Dom, you never got away with boiling that buck in the kitchen did you?

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    Brilliant write up well done lads!

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    Nicely done, excellent write up & pics.
    Virtutis Gloria Merces

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