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Thread: Deer couches question

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    Deer couches question

    I came across a deer couch with a Roe doe in on Wednesday evening walking around my permission and was wondering if they return to the same areas to bed down?

    If so could it be a place that she would leave a fawn later on?

    It could be a great place for me to observe them with plenty of cover and learn a bit more,


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    on my ground it depends on a few factors i have three woods on my farm and depending on weather they seem to alternate for the best shelter ,atb wayne
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    Ok mate cheers the good thing is I now know we have at least 4 resident roe on the land and a few others that come from the nearby woods. As well as plenty of munties.

    Just waiting to hear from the boss to see if I can start shooting the munties, the wait is killing me!!
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    If the woodland is not disturbed you will tend to find the resident doe are creatures of habit. In woodlands I had my shoot I new where the deer would be at different time of the day and that was on 2 different shoots But there was no public access and they were not over shot.

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    With me they do use the same beds , but really dependent on wind, disturbance ect . They know there own patch pretty well and some of the places they feel safe and secure can be surprisingly close to what we would class as disturbance as long as the cover is thick enough

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    I doubt if she would leave a fawn there, she would calf near where she was born herself possibly and this would, I suspect be away from where she lies up. She might share this area with previous years fawns.
    I think she will go away to a quiet place and fawn, away from where she normally lies up...

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    My observation is that roe alter their couching areas depending on the wind direction. Normally ours tend to lie where they have good visibility downwind and shelter from the direct force of the wind on their upwind side. They use completely different couching areas for differing wind directions. In dry conditions they seem to favour relatively open ground but are found in or near denser cover more often in wet or snowy conditions.
    I find they will lie calmly very close to footpaths, roads and other constant activity which you might expect them to avoid.
    I have found fawning tends to take place in larger areas of relatively tall but not too dense cover, sometimes in grass or cereal crops, rushbeds and brackens etc.

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