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Thread: rib with engine wanted

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    rib with engine wanted

    Ok guys a slightly unusual request here, me an a pal are looking to buy an inflaitable for travelling the river when wildfowling and also a bit of inshore sea fishing,must be capable of carrying 3 men and have a decent motor say 4-10 hp, willing to spend a reasonable amount but not a fortune!! so if anyone knows of owt please let me know, must be sturdy, not a kids paddling pool cheers all HORNET

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    Not drowning

    You have two different requirements here......................they are not really compatible. I use a three man rated AVON inflatable for transport between shore and mooring, with a 2.2 hp outboard. It is just adequate for two with a couple of sailing grub and a water can. That also is in summer in light clothing. Suggest that you scan Boat Sale websites such as Apollo Duck or Boatshed.
    You will need quality lifejackets may I suggest self inflating.
    Please have another think about your ideas of inshore fishing in an inflatable......................what about a hook through a chamber. It will take a big inflatable to cope with the sieze of outboard you suggest.
    And remember inflateables are almost impossible to row in any wind.
    Save your pennies and try for a rib. Yours aye MBP

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    Take a look at this one on the edisposals website (MOD/Govt Disposals), seems like a lot for the cash, and much better than a floppy inflatable type.

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