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Thread: Schmidt bender

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    Schmidt bender

    Schmidt and bender klassik 3-1250 illuminated reticule no 7 in excellent condition bikini covers I cant find the box 850 based ebbw vale south wales
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    Whats a rectal no 7 an attack in a g*y bar ?? LOL....thats better I knew you having us on!
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    Jeezo Wayne,

    rifle arrived yesterday but haven't been to get it yet, had I known it was illuminated ret I would have maybe taken the whole lot off you . Gives a shout if it doesn't shift.

    Cheers Mick

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    Glad it's arrived safely mick

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    Over 700 views and not one serious offer

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    Quote Originally Posted by wboulter View Post
    Over 700 views and not one serious offer
    Stuff just doesn't seam to be selling mate. I've got a rifle for sale at a snip of what it would cost to put together
    and haven't had to many offers. Apart from some silly ones.

    Good luck with sale

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    Silly offers seem to be the 'Thing of the day' just lately. Good luck with your sale, it's certainly worth the price asked.

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    An item is only worth what someone else is willing to pay for it..

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    If it helps I've just paid 600 for the same scope (non elluminated), although I concider this a good buy as I was buying the rifle as well. So you are after an extra 250 for the elluminated ret. I don't know if that's the going rate as this is the first Schmidt I've bought.
    Anyway best of luck with the sale, it is a great scope with good optics, I'm sure it will sell but I guess we're all a bit skint these days.


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