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Thread: An undedicated deer dog

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    An undedicated deer dog

    This is the story of an undedicated deer dog , with lots of faults some maybe inherited but most mine
    for arguments sake we will call him Fritz.

    To be honest he is not even my dog , I purchased him as a pup for my wife, who wanted a dog of her own for the shooting field.

    For years I had GSPs and my wife wanted to stick with the breed.

    Now horror of horrors this is where I will fall foul of the purists, I came across a litter of pups from good working parents but there was one problem the Dam was a GSP and the Sire was a GWP

    However to my everlasting shame I purchased a pup , thinking if she is going to ruin a pup she may as well ruin a mongrel.

    Off she went armed with several books and a little bit of input from me, and let me say before those that know me do, I am no Guru when it comes to training dogs.

    The first thing we learnt was that he seemed a bit more head strong than what we were used to
    with GSPs whether this was just him or the fact that he was a cross , who knows.

    Due to circumstance after basic training my wife could not spend the time in the shooting field with him that she intended to.

    So the task of working him fell to me, though on the occasions that my wife can come out its obvious that she is the boss, as he will totally ignore me if she is there.

    He excels at pointing which he should of course thats what he is, rock solid on point be it on the grouse moor or on wood cock which we do quite a bit of.

    He is also well enough behaved to work in the beating line on a big pheasant day, and we get asked to go picking up on Partridges, not his strongest point admittedly but he performs adequately.

    On a rough day he will point feather with a fore foot and fur with a rear foot.

    Out rabbiting he will point occupied burrows ignoring unoccupied ones saving a lot of time
    He will also do the same with a fox earth.

    He will catch and kill rats though never taught to do so, also stoats, on the open hill he can overtake and kill a fox, though he does not usually have the manoeuvrability to catch
    them in cover.

    He hates deer while he is steady to unwounded deer, a wounded deer is a different story
    he will follow the trail of a wounded deer quite well but when we approach a wounded beast in its couch as long as it stays there he will stand and point at it , but if it moves he is right after it, he grabs them by the neck from behind not in front and death is pretty much instantaneous.

    When he has made a kill he makes a strange noise its more of a roar than a howl , and when you approach him at a kill his eyes seem to be rolling in his head, its not a pretty sight .

    So far he has only been involved in tracking roe,and I am a little worried on the outcome if we ever need to track a large red stag.

    Away from work he loves children any children and will play for hours with them, he is dedicated
    to my wife and will guard her from anyone he is unsure of.

    Relaxing of an evening with a dram he will snuggle up against me and casually slip his tongue into the glass the bu***r likes whisky as much as I do.

    He is not perfect and he certainly is not a dedicated deer dog, but he is my best friend.
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    Brilliant, here here. Bet there are plenty on here with similar stories. We aren't all purists!
    Opinions are like arseholes....... we all have them, and most of them stink

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    Excellent read.. Out of interest do you track with him on a leash? If not maybe when tracking reds you can be in control if he is on a leash?

    ​regards, Jez
    slowly slowly catch a monkey..

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    You call him a mongrel i call him one HELLUVADOG look after him he's worth a wee dram. Hope you have many happy years with him.


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    Enjoyed the read, keep hold of him, he does what you want so you should be pleased.

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    Excellent read!!!

    Alba gu brąth

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    What an awesome all round dog, are you breeding from it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jinga View Post
    What an awesome all round dog, are you breeding from it?

    I am not sure , I did have a litter off him when he lined one of my GSP bitches it was unintentional and entirely my fault he was only six months old at the time and I thought he was too young.

    Only one of the pups went to a working home unfortunately, the rest as pets he is a cross though you can't tell by looking at him he looks GSP can't really see any of the GWP in him, while I would quite like a pup of him its shifting the rest thats the problem not many people want a x breed.

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    Great read, you should expand it a little and submit it as an article to one of the shooting magazines?

    I can relate to many of the points as I see them in my own GSP's. My old dog once drank a whole (Large) tumbler full of Baileys without spilling a drop or knocking the glass off the coffee table, the glass was licked perfectly clean!

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