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Thread: land with footpaths

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    land with footpaths

    hi all,
    i have been asked to shoot some land which is load with rabbits, the problem is that there are 2 public footpaths running through, and its close to the local village, village hall and not to far from the school. and area is know for its curtaain twitchers if you know what i mean.
    Im worried if i go the im just going to end with complaints and worse still the armed response unit out.
    just woundering what your throughts on this would be please
    many thanks

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    inform the police when you are going on,then if some one reports you the police will already know your there.

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    yes i would inform them, are there any issuses with shooting over public rights of way?

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    dont think so my land has quite a few footpaths,also the local clay shoot has one that runs under the high tower.just have to be a bit more aware that someone might be about.

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    I've got footpaths through my land too.
    If you have a land check then you just need to make it clear to them that you're aware of the routes of the paths, and will take them into consideration at all times.

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    ok thanks, just like to double check, as i wasnt 100% sure

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    In Scotland they have the right to roam so nearly every where is a public footpath

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    Quote Originally Posted by howy308 View Post
    In Scotland they have the right to roam so nearly every where is a public footpath
    right to roam is just wrong,but thats another

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    A others have stated I'd check with police before going out and if it's a rereal concern I'd be out very early morning or late at night to avoid running into anybody

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    yeah think it will be a early one, think i will use .22lr to, think my .17hmr may be to noisey.

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