My name is Rob I live near Monmouth Gwent
I have shot rifles for over 20 yrs my favorite rifles are a sako 75 stainless synthetic 22,250 and a custom remington .243 akly . i also hold a .22 , 17 hmr .308 and .270 , i have done MOD deer management whilst serving in the forces over 10 years ago when i held a national stalkers certificate
ihad a spell of struggling to find time for stalking while setting up a building buisiness
the past few years I have got back into it I have re sat my DMQ 1 and followed through and achived DMQ level 2 I would love a good area of ground to manage properly but its dead mans shoes where I live .
I am also a charter boat skipper
if anyone fancys some sea fishing in exchange for stalking exchange is the best way to do buisiness.
good safe hunting to you all