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Thread: Home made Pull Through

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    Home made Pull Through

    To cut a long story short my cleaning rod and I parted company and I was not going to see it for a few days. I wanted to clean my .222 rifle barrel before using it again.

    First I tried the 17. "pull through" as I had it with me, it barely touched the sides, every thing else I had to hand was far to big. So the pull through got me thinking the only sting I had was para cord that I use for nets etc. I tried 1 2 and 3 strands and nothing seemed to work. A bit more head scratching went on....... Finely a thought.... I cut a 4 meter length. I left a one meter then started tying single lope knots every 6 inches to the end pulling each one tight.

    I threaded the core as you would a "pull through" from the muzzle thought the barrel and pulled form the chamber end. The first 2 knot slid in pretty easily the 3rd with a little more resistance 4th and 5th seem to stick a little, so I tied the muzzle end of my pull though to a handle the other side of the room. Thought was " the more tension put on the cord the smaller the knot would be ". I slid the cord out to the first knot and covered it with PARKER HALE 009 barrel cleaner and proceeded to pull it through the barrel giving the core some tension when needed. I got to the handle at the other side of the room and back we went.

    I did this a couple of time and then inspected the barrel not expecting much to have happened, but to my amazement the barrel was shining, spotless and clean. And all for a few pence of cord.

    I made the pull though out of necessity, since then I have used this on a couple on rifles now and good for a quick clean after lamping, both with the same bullet diameter of .224. If you are going to try this please be cautious as para cord is made in several different diameters.

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    Nice improvisation but before it ends in tears I think I would be buying a new cleaning rod.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    tight git now may result in cost later removeing a snapped cord that melts under heat and friction

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    no it wont snap, untill the end has got out of sight, up to then it is a good idea

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    I use fly fishing line with a loop on the end,cheap but effective.

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