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    Online Calander

    Who uses an online calander? Or more importantly, who "Administers" an online calander?

    I'm looking at setting one up, but would like some input of where to start, I've done a Google search and a few are popping up.

    Are they free?
    I assume you can set it up so it's accessed with a password so people can enter details accordingly?

    Thanks in Advance

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    i use google calendar and it allows you to set up several named calendars and invite different sets of people into each one depending on its use. I also allows to to colour code entries for fast views.

    I then sync through the iPad using the calenmob app. It's all free and very helpfull


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    Speak to Alex, there was a calendar on here somewhere's I think.
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    TJ. It's a complex subject. Google calendar would be my recommendation for a basic approach, but beware the costs of integration with Apple and Microsoft. Also the more complicated you make it, the more it will cost to maintain. I guess you could set up a public read-only calendar using Google calendars. I attach my current calendar approach.

    Good luck. JCS

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    Set up a gmail address and use the Google calendar, it will sync with your phone also.
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    We use several TJ for our shooting agreements and clients, if you pop in to HQ sometime soon I'll show you them in operation.

    ​PS. Its "Calendar" Just saying x
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    Tj we used google calendar for the syndicate I was in with griff works very well
    ​ Tom

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    Quote Originally Posted by tom reveley View Post
    Tj we used google calendar for the syndicate I was in with griff works very well
    ​ Tom
    so was I, a great idea and easy to use,
    atb blue.

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