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Thread: hello to all members

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    hello to all members

    hi all,
    just a quick bit about me. started shooting air rifles as a lad then abig break but started up again a few years ago. aquired my fac and now shoot a 30ft/lb rapid7, cz .22lr, cz .17hmr, 12g semiauto and a howa .204cf.
    my shooting buddy is a member here (stratts) who is really getting into his deer stalking now so you never know it might push me down that route as well.
    reloading is something i might look into doing as well.
    rabbits are my main quarry and getting into pigeons with the shot gun, and foxing also.
    anyway, thats me. i'm based peterborough'ish way, and pleased to join the forum.
    atb dale.

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    welcome to the clan. stalking is a hole different level of excitement once you go you become hooked.

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    cheers crazy.
    becoming hooked is the worring thing.
    i'm sure it wont be long.

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    good excuse to get new rifle though. what i'm just trying to sort out.

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