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Thread: Rebarreling my 22250

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    Rebarreling my 22250

    I had always fancied a 22250 AI with a quick twist, but my rifle maker has issues with the AI.
    He has suggested I look at several other cartridges.
    20 BR
    22 BR
    6mm x47(not really interested in a 6)
    All are supposed to be great.
    At home in yorkshire our fields are big. Wind drift is the biggest cause of misses. Why I wanted to keep case capacity and go fast twist to stabalise VLD's etc.
    Never thought of a .20 but the 50gr have a good B.C. so am tempted.
    The rifle is a sako 75 action 3 so they will have to cycle and feed from that mag.
    Must say i'm tempted to go 22250 again but with a quicker twist. I run magnums and burning powder does not bother me 1 jot and powder is bought through my company also.
    All i want is those red Ba2tard2 dead the further the better.
    suggestions please from anyone with experience of those cartridges.

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    Go to a smith without issues, have what you fancy!

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    What issues does he have with the ackley?
    ​what about a 220 swift?

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    Stick to what you know john in my opinion you have been sorting them out with it for years so why change

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    Go with fast twist 1 in 9 at 24 inches throated for 75 amax and keep it 22/250

    And your still be able to chuck the 75 grain bullets at 3300+ fps

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    I'm just getting a .20 vartarg built, which is probably a little slow for you, but what about one of the faster 20's? For any given weight the .20's have better BC's than the .22's, the 55 grain VLD looks good. On paper the 20's look good hence my choice.

    On the other hand if you're not worried about powder how about a .22-243?

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    You may well find that the Sako 75 doesn't feed Ackley Improved cases well. The bottom lug fouls the sharp shoulder of the AI cases in the magazine on working the bolt.
    My current wildcat with a 40 degree shoulder didn't work on a 75 action so the barrel was pulled and put on a Tikka, the single stack magazine and 2 lug bolt of which allows them to feed perfectly.
    Interestingly, despite frequently expressed opinions to the contrary, the BR cartridges do sometimes feed well from standard length magazines intended for the 243/308 length cartridges. If you fancy a BR, get a few dummy cartridges to cycle through your magazine first, as the PPC magazines which would feed the BR cartridges are impossible to get hold of.

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    I have just had a 22/250AI rebarreled to 243, the reason, I have a 220 Swift and there was no comparison,the swift out performed the 22/250 AI in all departments. If you want another .22 nothing but nothing can hold a candle to a 220 Swift.

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    I run a 22-250 AI (Tikka 595 with 1-8 tw barrel)

    I have to single feed

    I use 75g A max only

    Nothing beats it at range, ive built swifts, yup, they are very good, I built both standard and Ai versions of both cartridges.

    So long as single feeding isnt an issue go with the AI,

    ​If it is stick with standard, id stay with 22-250 and run 75g bullets in fast twsit personally over 20 cals or anything else....

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    will a swift use my boltface and action legnth? a sako 3

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