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Thread: 1 shot 2 kills

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    1 shot 2 kills

    Now before you all jump, the title is only to catch your attention.
    I set off this morning for a lovely bit of ground and a stalk with Prometheus. I have stalked with Simon on a few occasions and enjoy his company and relaxed environment. So got up at 4am for the journey there. Running 10 mins late so was cracking on a bit on the way. Nearing the ground the light was good and weather fine. I wished I'd bought my .308 as I've not shot a deer with it yet, but left it at home as the weather suggested rain. So bought the synthetic sauer 6.5.
    A little later I met up with Simon and the plan was hatched. A young buck was to be the target as I'm not a trophy hunter. Or a munty if one was to show. We drove literally a few hundred yards when Simon spotted a roe inside a deer fence. Stopped and glassed to see it was a small 4 pointer and was on the menu. Especially as it was eating the tree in the fenced area. I'd left my bins in my vehicle so we decided to go back to the bothy and collect them, then walk back to the plantation.
    We made our way toward the area now with my own bins (and the lockdown harness I had for birthday and still using, very pleased with that). Glassing through the small trees in case other deer were present. After some time (I go pretty slow) we arrived at the top of the hill overlooking the area. We were sure the buck would be here somewhere, but could not spot him. I spotted 2 roe along way off (3/4 of a mile) which could be the back up plan. Still no sight of the buck. Eventually I caught a glimpse of a roe making it's way round the edge of a spinney a couple fields away. This could have been my boy as it could easily have followed the hedge line there. I decided we'd go down to the plantation on the other side of the hedge from our current position and have a look before making our way towards the spinney. Gentle walk there in case something laid up or a little munty hiding. There was a proper crossing point by a big oak but I thought I'd look through a small gap in the hedge first. Simon must have thought I hadn't seen the crossing point and pointed it out, so rather than saying I know I headed in that direction. As I peered round the bushes, directly ahead were a munty doe and buck browsing close together. In fact very close. The buck was big in the body with a reasonable set of antlers so I thought I'd ask if I should shoot him or the doe. The doe also looked big and to my mind must have been carrying young. Simon preferred I shot the doe as he had a client that would pay for the buck. So a little while up on the sticks waiting for the shot when she moved off slowly to the right. Great slightly quartering away. I put the cross on her and let one go. Down she went on the spot. Now here is where you guys wonder how the other deer fits in? Well the buck just stood there along with a roe doe that arrived from no where, however these were all totally unscathed and we watched as the roe made her way over to the munty at only 50 yds away. Sniffing the air and looking intently to see what was going on, and why this deer laid down so quickly. The buck made his way toward her aswell, but changed his mind and moved off. He presented himself nicely but was to be left. I really enjoyed watching for those few minutes and made that little muntjack stalk one to remember.
    So still your'e wondering how I ended up with a little 6 point buck in the back of my motor? Well the answer is about 400 yds before the drive to the bothy at 50mph the bl**dy thing jumped out the hedge straight into me. Hit the front of my new motor which I'd just spent 600 on having the bonnet and bumper resprayed after the wife's horse decided to try and eat it only to now be smashed up by him. So along with my first 6 point roe I have a busted truck, my first RTA. So arriving this morning I informed Simon we had a little delay while I grallocked the buck. He had bounced off the front and ended up on the verge, still alive but obviously not going anywhere. I quickly dispatched him with the knife and put him in my tray. He did come in handy as he was to be used as my suspended grallock for a level 2. Un fortunately one of his antlers broke off and I couldn't find it. But he'll go on the wall as a 'special' memory.
    So 1 bullet fired, 2 dead deer.
    Thanks for reading.
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    Already read your partner in crime's version of events but like yours better as a lot more detail . Take the truck back and tell them you're not entirely happy with the finish and see if you can get it re-done at cost .
    Better to have failed again than to have lifted someones leg

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    Good going John! See you on the 6th June pal, looking forward to my complimentary water
    slowly slowly catch a monkey..

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    Sorry Jez. Can't afford the water. Need to get truck fixed. However made a little saving on dog food. So there's always some good in any situation.

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    Did Simon charge you half price on the trophy?

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    You should read his thread. BTW did you ride past this morning on your'e bike with a florescent on? If it was, you better ride faster next time them lanes are dangerous.

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    A nice day out then, sorry about the not so new paintwork.

    Quote Originally Posted by paul o' View Post
    priceless speed kills
    No, coming to an abrupt stop did the killing


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    Quote Originally Posted by woodmaster View Post
    You should read his thread. BTW did you ride past this morning on your'e bike with a florescent on? If it was, you better ride faster next time them lanes are dangerous.
    No fortunately not, I've had a weekend off. I now know to keep my eyes open for you flying down the lanes....!

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    Blimey mate, that was unlucky.

    But good result otherwise though!

    (Hope you're keeping well - Christian rang the other week, Whitetail due at the end of July. Can't wait to see how it's turned out...)
    Nothing is worse than having an itch you can never scratch

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