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Thread: hind stalking (wanted)

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    hind stalking (wanted)

    I am based in south wales and myself and a stalking pal are after an area of hill / forestry to assist some one with there red and sika hind cull distance is no object so long as there are deer on the ground I have done MOD deer management and i am a DMQ level 2 and my stalking partner is a DMQ level 1 soon to be level 2 we are both members of BASC I have a landrover and Quad for access and carcas recovery I have been hind stalking the past few years on kildemorie estate and fancy the freedome to go it alone . I class us both as very keen competent stalkers we are looking for 3-5 days november december time
    (safe stalking to you all )

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    Hi Legend,

    Have you tried the BASC website for the Isle of Arran Annual deer cull.

    I am off there in November and as far as I am aware there are dates and places free.

    Hope this helps you and your "under Stalker"...

    How different is the MOD Deer Management Course from the NVQ in Gamekeeping and wildlife management (Deer) scheme run by Train for Game?

    You could also give Keith Cann a call. He is located in Bodmin, Cornwall, where the land he has will produce you some good outings. PM me if you want his number.


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