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    Range Development

    Hi Folks, Ive tralled the net to no avail, Basically im trying to find any legislation with regard to designing and building your own range. Im sure there must be some daft EU laws about the height of backstops/buts etc.
    Anyone know of any ports of call for information. Thanks

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    for your own use or comerical

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    Contact the NRA they supply all requirements free

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    It would be for commercial use

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    2p worth
    build a tunnel pipe range big sheds and 100 mt tubes old 4ft storm drain or 2nds from factory then cover with soil slight down ward set and a water a auto pump in a sump pit under the target holders onto small butts , a steel mantel to catch any tipped /flipped bullets.
    range work under a dry sky . low noise from the outside able shoot in winter to max an income, that way you can getaway from north face on snowdon butts size ! this also will cut down on the footprint for popovers behind said new range . built two with help at a tavr drill hall a long time ago in a town. but still in use , only prob is all was prone .
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