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Thread: Picked Up My Eland And Impala Today

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    Picked Up My Eland And Impala Today

    Travelled down to Paul Taylors today to pick up my Eland and Impala skull mounts from Zambia

    Got them up on the wall a little over a year after taking them and looking forward to picking up my Zebra, Reedbuck and Impala Mounts when their finished.

    My boys a little under 4ft.

    All my skull mounts are on the same style shields so had to have this one made which Paul took care of for me.

    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    Very nice trophy's, our groups trophy's are at the agents waiting to be shipped.


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    Great work there Terry.

    Nice one mate.


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    Awesome looking Eland!

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    Very nicely done. Best get saving for when the lads old enough to go, look like he's as pleased as you are

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    Some nice looking trophies there mate
    An Eland is on my to do list
    look forward to seeing the pics of the rest

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