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Thread: Hello from west Oxfordshire

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    Hello from west Oxfordshire

    Feeling a bit of an imposter - sorry, I only stalk rabbits (Anschutz .17hmr). Some good resources on here though. Steve

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    there's two of us?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kimh View Post
    there's two of us?
    Aha - I am in Bampton, must be close by..? Am also an airgun hunter (Rapid 7 FAC). Never tried hunter field target but would be interested to learn more. Steve

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    hi Akroyd. welcome
    also got ,17 anschults cracking little gun for rabbits.


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    Hi welcome nice to have locals on here

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    Welcome, Akroyd,and all you other Oxfordshires. A few of us have a bit of a Get to Gether around Mid summer at the Dog House. Look out for it in the Events section.

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    Welcome to SD Steve, 20 mins down the road from you in Farmoor.

    As Eric (techman) says we have a get together a couple of times a year, we must sort one soon.


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