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Thread: Range Finder Binos

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    Range Finder Binos

    Been thinking of going down the range finder bino route, like the combo of good quality optics with the RF ability. Looks like there are new additions to the market with the swaros and the new Leica Geovids. To be honest the swaros and geovids are too punchy on for me so I was looking at the Zeiss. the only worthy criticism of them seems to be the weight/size. Any thoughts on this? I'm conscious of splashing out on a set of these where is seems the new generation is smaller and lighter (plus the risk that Zeiss bring out a version 2 of the RF's as well)

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    Get these:

    Bushnell rangefinding binos

    I have the older 7x36 rangefinder pros and use them except for evening stalking when the more expensive glass comes out.
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    Zeiss are supposed to be the better bins! i can only say i have tried the new swaro rf bins and didnt like them couldnt range on certain things where as my dedicated swaro rangefinder cn!

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    Leica have some nice RF binoculars Im not sure what they retail for mind.
    ​Atb John

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    I have the zeiss victory T* rf 8x56. They are superb, but I reckon the new range of victory HT will soon have RF function at top of the range rendering mine relatively obsolete, but probably a discounted bargain.

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    I looked through them all and chose the Zeiss. Cheaper, the buttons were in the right place and clear read out.

    Tried the Swaros and found display hard to read. I have been subsequently told that was a set up issue, but I was looking through them on the Swaro stand at a gamefair so they could have told me when I pointed it out to them.

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    Just been looking through a friends pair of swaro range finders today and was well impressed. Light weight, excellent clear lenses and great range finder. It managed to pick out a sheep on the fell at 986 meters! Serious money though.

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    I saw the new Leica geovid promo video. The guy in the American wilderness, plugging all the details into his computer and then putting the chip into the bins. Looks all great but don't know if its a bit of overkill. Surely quality optics and solid RF ability should be sufficient. Seemed somewhat excessive, with an OTT price tag to match

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    The new Pulsar Expert LRF binoculars are well worth a look also based on optical performance as well as LRF performance all at a top price

    Buy Pulsar Expert LRF Range Finder Binoculars - shop at suppliers Scott Country

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    Hi there!
    I am using the Zeiss 10x45 RF, and these are the best binos and RF I ever had!
    Its no problem about the weight also, I am using a backpack harness, so no weight problem to feel on them....
    I can highly recommend them, its an investment for a long, long term..!
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