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Thread: Finally,, First Buck

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    Finally,, First Buck

    After bloody nightmares with builders and ending up labouring to my brickie myself all week, I finally got out today for a look at the bucks.
    Covered all the ground but bugger all was moving about in the drizzly pish that was passing for weather down the borders at 6am today.
    Seen a couple, but they were tight in the gorse, and were also to be savoured another day when they colour up abit, then finally saw a nice little buck feeding at the edge of a plantation.

    Went passed him around 1/4 mile or so and stalked back in towards him, and easy one really, and got lined up on him against a fence post. Sat watching for a few minutes, as I was going to shoot him through the fence, but was in no hurry so let him feed up the banking a bit to get him in the clear. Just as he did, a noise had him up and looking,! facing away from me I zapped him in the back of the neck, Fine shot.

    Nice, but a bit scruffy, what with it being early yet.

    Good days.

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    Wll done sir you never forget your first

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    I think he meant "first of the season" rather than first ever

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    Yes, indeed
    First this year ! Although they are all as good as the first in my opinion

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    Well done!
    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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