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    Hi All
    Not sure if this is the right place to post this but the moderator will move it, hopefully if required.
    I am from SI NZ and living near Reading, in Berkshire.
    I am finally trying to get my FAC, just having problems getting my head around the land for stalking bit of it. l think I can get 3 or 4 names of people with land in Scotland that I can stalk on through family contacts, is that enough? Is it local enough?
    I also have a mate who has 10 acres in Surrey, where we shoot a few pheasants and a mate in the Wye valley who wants his small game controlled who has about 9 acres, are these big enough to mention? is there any point?
    I have been offered a place in a local game shooting syndicate, do I mention that?
    What about the RBSS, i have shot there several times?
    I also have access to places in S Africa, Norway & Australasia (of course), is that worth mentioning?
    Locally I have been stalking once with a stalker where I paid and few times with a mate who stalks where I didn't. But it seems between a few of them they have all the local land tied up.
    Does joining a rifle range help?
    How do you find local hunting?

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    well, first of all, any overseas stuff usually counts for nothing. You want to show you have written (and I do mean, written) permission to stalk on some land. This needs to be land which they may check and if the land is near a built up area / roads / very small acreage, then they may place calibre restrictions. They will also ask what you are actually shooting on the ground and if it's only smaller deer , they may place calibre restrictions (daft isn't it?).
    Forget about your 9 or 10 acres grounds.
    This is just a start. What calibres are you applying for?

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    Just going through the FAC process myself...i joined a local rifle club for two reasons 1, to get my eye back in after not shooting a rifle for 6 years or so and 2, it gives you access to ranges where you can "Target Shoot". if you don't have access to a range then technically you have no reason to target shoot and you will only technically be allowed to zero your rifle on land over which you have permission. I would suggest you join a local rifle club as it shows good will and intent to your FLO and you'll be able to test fire different ammo etc to find out what suits your rifle....its fairly cheap to join as well.

    The fact that you have several bits of land up in scotland will be deemed "good reason" as long as you have written permission to shoot over those bits of land (must specify what type of shooting deer/fox) and they are large enough and hold deer of course. Ask the owners what the land has been rated to, as you will undoubtedly have a restriction placed upon you something along the lines of "land over which the cheif of police constables has deemed suitable" or word to that effect....its because your a first time applicant they will only allow you to shoot on land which is deemed suitable for the calibre your applying for. So check with the land owner to make sure that they are prepared to have that check made on the land...once done it goes on a database.

    If you only want a stalking calibre then don't bother mentioning the smaller bits of land. If you want to shoot rabbits on them, in which case its "good reason" for a .22 and so include'll never get such a small piece of land rated to deer stalking calibres (i seriously doubt, some exceptions i guess).

    I would suggest joining your local rifle club and then make your application. As you have been stalking before (have you proof?) and have land available (written permission pending) you should be fine applying. it doesn't matter if the land is up in scotland. Once you get your FAC then you can look for something more local, or just keep using the estate rifle.

    Download the home office'll let you know what you should and shouldn't be doing or needing

    Be prepared for them to ask you to do your DSC1 (reccommended), find a mentor or similar. it depends upon your local force.

    this website is a great place to find stalking locally...ask the question you never know what you'll get.

    Hope this give some guidance


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    Hi, I would put it all down. I did and the FEO thanked me for showing the background info + fact that I had experience with firearms & hunting.

    A couple permission letter from your Scots contacts should seal the deal. Remember, the cop won't actually call them back to see if you go stalking there regularly.


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    Quote Originally Posted by countrysports5
    This is just a start. What calibres are you applying for?
    22 rimfire, 243, 280 & a throw away option, a 300Win Mag

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    Thanks guys for all the advice.
    Talked to the FLO and he said to put it all down as well. I have had a nz firearms licence since I was 16 (1986) which involves a formal firearms exam (much like a drivers licence) which he seemed to think was equivalent to the DSC1. He seemed more concerned about the written permisions.
    I want to join a centrefire rifle club, anyone know of a good place in the Reading/ or Newbury area.

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    talked to the FLO the other day and he said to put a gun safe in so when he comes to check it is already in place.
    does this mean i have been approved?
    what are the regs re the safe, i remeber reading somewhere that you need to store the bolts ammo in a seperate safe.

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    Congratulations Nick, unless something goes really tits up between now and his next visit you`re home and dry. As regards gunsafes, buy one with a lockable inner safe to store bolts and spare boxes of ammo.
    A couple of tips for installing your safe, ensure it`s flush to the wall and where possible with the lock side of the door nearest the wall. One last thing, tea and cakes on the best china for when he visits next.

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    got my ticket yesterday
    some conditions on it like the .300win mag can't be used in the UK apart from on a range
    i can only use the .243 and .280 under the supervision of two people i mentioned i had stalked with
    these are not the people related to my written permissions either
    how long does this need to stay on for?

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